This baby Alpaca Bouclé yarn from Kremke Soul Wool is full of fashion. Baby Alpaca has particularly fine fibers and is therefore also pleasant on sensitive skin. The inside hollow fiber insulates very well - in the cold it keeps warm, in heat it repels them. That is why clothing made of alpaca is wearable all year round. Thanks to the fluffy Bouclé structure of the alpaca yarn, you also do not need to worry about knitting patterns - needles are picked up and smooth or crimson knit is the motto here. Large needle size and high running length result in spring-loaded sweaters, jackets, coats, blankets, blankets ... Tip: Beginners who are afraid of Bouclé yarns, we recommend to use the yarn together with a smooth thread, e.g. Alpaca superfine, to process, then one does not sting so easily into the Bouclé loops.