Diese T-Pins aus rostfreiem Stahl ergänzen perfekt das Knitters Block Kit. Sie eignen sich

auch super, um Einzelteile eines Pullovers voru?bergehend zusammenzustecken (aber seien Sie bitte vorsichtig bei der Anprobe!). 

Die Dose enthält 40 T-Pins.


Stainless steel T-pins are perfect for blocking your knitting. Just like the ones that come with our Knitter's Block Kit, these will not rust! 

Tin of 40 Stainless Steel T-pins.

**Please beware of non-stainless steel t-pins as they may rust when exposed to water and may damage garments. To determine if your pins are stainless, try the following tests

Use a magnet.  Stainless steel t-pins will not stick well to magnets.

Place a few t-pins in a shallow saucer of water overnight. When you remove them the next day, you should see no signs of rust.


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Super praktische Maschen-Stopper, damit beim Stilllegen von Maschen keine mehr flöten geht.  

Enthält je 4 Stopper in 6 Größen von 2 - 10mm 

Erhältlich in den Varianten "Neutrals" und "Colorful"


Keep your stitches on your needles with these little foam stoppers. Designed by knitters for knitters, pliable EVA foam allows stoppers to slide all the way down your needle to hold stitches while you are on the move or trying on your top-down knitted garments. Use Stitch Stoppers to turn any double-point or circular needle into a stitch holder!

Accommodate needle sizes US 0–15 (2–10 mm). 4 each of 6 sizes; 24 pieces. Made of EVA foam.

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Cocoknits, Reihenzähler & Cocoknits row counter

Manueller Reihenzähler mit Metallrückseite.

Dieser kann auf das Magnet-Armband "Knitters Keep Kit" geclippt werden, das separat erhältlich ist. 

Reihenzähler manuell mit Metallrückseite


The Cocoknits row counter has been designed with these exclusive features:

a steel back so you can attach the row counter to your Knitter's Keep or Magnetic Concrete Tray

windows that magnify the numbers so you can clearly see which row you are on

The row counter is constructed of high-quality, translucent polycarbonate for a clean, modern look.  It is packaged in a kraft cylinder and includes a small cotton bag for storage.

To count your rows:

depress the top button to advance the numbers

reset the numbers by turning the side wheels

move the switch at the bottom to lock the row counter

Knitting row counter / Manueller Reihenzähler

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